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Welcome to the First and Only website dedicated to Pirate books and artifacts. Within these waters lurk dangerous and adventurous tales of men and women who sailed the seas. Come join us on a journey to the Age of Piracy.

Welcome to The Wreck Tavern. We are proud to have you aboard. This website is dedicated to bringing you the world during the Golden Age of Piracy. It not only focuses on the pirate characters themselves but on the atmosphere in which they lived in. So you can see and feel the world as the they did. A pirate book collection would not be complete without some authentic artifacts from the era. A flintlock pistol, an old map or a piece of eight. The Wreck Tavern is a source for these and other rare items. But no purchases are necessary. You can read about the adventurers and scoundrels and see what tools they used. Glimpse the legendary coins of the Spanish Treasure Fleets. And ultimately find other web-sources of similar interest.

The Wreck Tavern was created out of passion for the sea. It is a rather small business. There is no shop location. Books are purchased from all over the world. Secured from flea-markets, house sales, antique stores, and other bookshops. These hard to find works are now available from a central source. A website which is dedicated to a time of adventure, discovery and danger...The Wreck Tavern